Human Trafficking [EN] – 2 hours


The purpose of this course is define human trafficking and to outline the risk factors, types, warning signs, screening, methods of approach, and resources available to provide assistance and services to victims. This course meets the Florida requirements for a 2-unit course of human trafficking.


Upon completion of this course, the nurse should be able to describe:

  • Describe at least 6 risk factors for becoming a victim of human trafficking.
  • The 4 primary types of human trafficking.
  • List general indicators (warning signs) that a person may be a victim of human trafficking.
  • Describe public and private social services available for rescue, food, clothing, and shelter referrals.
  • List the hotlines for reporting human trafficking.
    Describe screening questions and validated assessment tools for identifying a human trafficking victim
  • Discuss procedures for sharing information related to human trafficking with a victim.
  • List referral options for legal and social services.
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