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Insurance Exam Technician

An Insurance Examination Technician performs duties such as drawing blood for medical laboratory testing, and EKG recordings for diagnostic evaluation. Phlebotomy refers to the drawing of blood for medical laboratory testing. EKG recordings measure the electrical activity of the heart which is used to help diagnose a range of heart diseases.

Necessary requirements: Graduation from High School (or equivalent), and graduation from an approved Phlebotomy and EKG Technician program within the last 10 years.


At least one (1) year work experience as an Insurance Examination Technician.

The Insurance Examination Technician exam is an open book test. An open book test is an exam where you may use the study guide or another source of reference during your exam. What is your first reaction when you hear that your Insurance Examination Technician exam will be an open book test? Most people breathe a sigh of relief, because they think they're getting a break. But are they? In fact, open book tests are not easy tests. Open book tests teach you how to find information when you need it. An open book test forces you to review information that you may have forgotten or never learned.

The questions are designed to teach you how to do research. Contrary to popular belief, you do not get off the hook when it comes to studying for an open book exam.Spend an equal or greater amount of time preparing as you would for a normal test. The open book test may be harder than if it were a closed book exam.Study the study guide available from MedCA and amazon.com

You can purchase a hard copy by calling MedCA at 516 868 6800, or purchase and download a PDF version from our website or from amazon.com

The Insurance Examination Technician guide is an 80-page study guide, which is well-written and easy to read. Every insurance examiner should review this study guide on a regular basis.After you create your MedCA profile, you will be emailed a user name and password. Use this user name to login and go to your account. From your account portal, you can click "take an exam". You will then be emailed a link to take your exam. Your results will be emailed to you. If you pass your exam, you will receive your MedCA certificate within ten working days.

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